Scared Dog Hiding Under A Car Sees This Street Life Take Her To The Ocean

Hope For Paws received a call about a dog on the streets who appeared to be injured, so they set out for rescue right away.

When they arrived on scene, they found the dog hiding underneath a vehicle as scared as could be. JoAnn and Katie had to lure her out with food, and that’s when they saw the dog favoring her back leg.

The terrified dog still didn’t trust the rescuers, so they followed her from afar in the vehicle. Leslie made her way back to the family who’d been caring for her, and this allowed for her to be cornered in their yard.

And the little boy who had gained her trust was able to place the Lucky Leash on her ensuring she’d no longer be alone or vulnerable in this world.

The Valencia family couldn’t adopt Leslie, so Hope For Paws promised them they’d find her a loving forever home. And after surgery to fix her fractured back leg, the sweet girl was adopted by her foster mom!

Wait until you see them having some fun in the Pacific Ocean together. 🙂

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