Labrador Lounges in Pool and Provides an Island for Baby Ducks. So Cute!

Can animals really make friends with other species? Some say it's not possible and can cause tragic consequences as animal instincts may take over and put them in danger in an instant.

But, there are many instances where animals forge bonds across species boundaries.

For example, in the PBS film Animal Odd Couples, a cheetah and a dog are shown as friends. A narrator explains that the two grew up together at Busch Gardens and are a regular attraction at the theme park—they race out from behind a fence at 20 mph to the gasps of the audience.

Well, when a friendship between two different species does work, there is nothing cuter. Here we have a Labrador Retriever befriending some new best friends… baby ducks!

Check out the video below and watch as Roxy the Labrador lounges in the pool with the baby ducks providing an island for them! So cute!

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