Kitten Loves Walking On Dad’s Shoulder

Due to being lonely, Kaleb decided to foster a cat to make his life happier and brighter. For this reason, he took a kitten named Paco home. At first, he just wanted to foster the kitten in 6 weeks, but everything had changed when he lived with it.

“I don’t think I anticipate getting an animal, at least so permanently, at this time. I definitely thought foster would be a good opportunity to try it out. I was supposed to keep him for, I think, six weeks,” he said.

When living with the kitten, Kaleb realized that the kitten was so personal. “He is a big snuggler and has a big personality so I ended up just falling for him. They were asking at checkups and whatnot and I said, “I’ll just keep him, I think.”

Kaleb doesn’t like keeping his cat inside so he walk around with him. Paco loves to go out with Kaleb and loves walking on his shoulder. Not only does he love his dad, but he also gives Kaleb a lot of emotional support.

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