Well-Behaved Dog Unleashes His Wild Side When He Is Left Alone At Home

Killer the Bichon Frise might look like a tiny innocent ball of fluff, but he literally has the spirit of a warrior!

He frolics about like the best-behaved pooch when his humans are around. But when he is all alone, he unleashes his wild side for the home security camera!

Source: Rumble Viral/YouTube

Once Killer confirms that his humans are gone, he brings his favorite plush toy to the living room. One would think that the bored lonely boy is about to comfort himself with his toy, but Killer’s idea of passing the time is something way more fun (and filled with action)!

Source: Rumble Viral/YouTube

It’s hilarious to watch Killer going into a dramatic “fight mode” as he “instigates” a duel with his inanimate stuffed toy!

He repeatedly kicks and throws the lifeless plaything around the room with his intimidating barks, and totally seems possessed by an urge to win. It’s almost like he’s acting out one of the many fantasy battle scenarios in his head!

Source: Rumble Viral/YouTube

Toward the end, Killer even pretends to search for his hidden enemy before “defeating” it. That’s some trippy level of imagination here!

Killer sure has a name that complements his feisty persona! We are sure it’ll never come to this, but he is perfectly capable of tackling any intruder situation like a hero!

Click the video below to watch Killer’s hysterical imaginary fight with his designated toy opponent!

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