Dad pours some food for the puppy. What the pup does next is too precious for words

Kahlua the yellow Lab puppy gives thanks before eating in the most precious way. Watch as he prays with his owner before having dinner. 🙂

388 thoughts on “Dad pours some food for the puppy. What the pup does next is too precious for words

  1. Margaret Harry Heuberger : Animals have not fabricated an imaginary, all-powerful being who lives in the sky. So, it is wrong and unnatural for humans to impose their religious fabrication on them.

    And this has nothing to do with my character, of which you know nothing.

  2. Chris Gould you made it up in your mind, didn’t you. In 2,000+ years, there has not been one single shred of evidence to indicate it is real. I have no issue with human beings practicing religion because many people are ignorant, weak and fearful and it is in their ignorance and fear that the fallacy of religion breeds. But to impose this behavior on a dog, to usurp his need for food in the service of an invention of the human mind is wrong.

  3. Shaun Moss , I respect your right to not believe of the imaginary man in the sky, but you calling a man a dumbass, then calling an innocent animal a dumbass does speak volumes on your character. And while you are correct that I know nothing of your character, you know nothing of this man’s character, so who are you to judge what that man does with HIS dog? I respect that you are an atheist, but dont sit there like you are so much smarter and so much better because he believe something you dont. Sounds hypocritical. Who the hell are you to decide that it is wrong and unethical for humans to impose religious fabrications on dogs. The argument can be made that you are wrong and unethical to say this man shouldnt do this. You do you and believe and not believe what you want, but respect that others dont have to believe what you believe or dont believe. Let that man do him. Again, you dont have to be an$#%&!@*because he doesnt feel the same as you. Is this man hurting you in anyway shape or form? Is this man hurting or harming this dog? No? Then why do you care what he does with his dog? If it doesn’t effect you, then move on buddy, but showing a little respect even for those who believe something different might just make the world a better place. Just dont understand why you have to be so hateful. Like i said, you do you, let him do him.

  4. Shaun Moss, more than likely, I am not only far more educated than you are, but I am also not closed minded and going through life thinking everyone who doesn’t think like me is wrong or un educated like you do. But, you win. Im done trying to have a discussion with such a closed minded, hate filled individual. Try having a little more compassion, doubtful though. Have a nice evening.

  5. Margaret Harry Heuberger In fact, I believe that animals have rights and they depend on humans to defend those rights. That means we bear a responsibility to treat animals equitably. Would you insist that an elephant prostrate itself before a human-invented god before feeding it? I think that’s unethical. What this man is doing to this dog is equally unethical and equally wrong.

  6. Unethical? Really? I am an atheist, and all I see is a dog doing a trick for food. Any religious shenanigans going on are all in the head of the human. From the perspective of the dog, this is no different than sitting.

  7. If you are a non-believer, why do you feel the need to put any energy into any comments whatsoever? I am a Christian who has many atheist friends, as well as friends with many differing beliefs. It is possible to just be a respectful and kind person and not make negative comments regarding things you don’t believe in. It’s weird that some atheists feel the need to communicate as some have in this post, my question to you would be why do you waste your time with any comments at all? I understand your freedom to do so, I just don’t understand why you think anyone cares. Okay, we all get it. You are a nonbeliever. Okay. Why is it so difficult for you to simply be a non believer and leave believers alone? I have friends who are atheist who are embarrassed by this kind of behavior because being an atheist does not mean you have to be a rude arrogant condescending jerk. Just be an atheist and leave others alone. This was a simple clip of a man and his puppy intended to make people smile and feel good, why do you feel the need to make such unnecessary attacks? It’s just weird…and mean.
    Comments do reflect something about one’s character as a human being regardless of their spiritual beliefs.

  8. I could ask you the same type question. Why is it that some religious people are so precious about their religion that they can’t take a slightly critical comment about their post. I won’t go through the well know arguments about the problems of religion and the fact that so many of the world’s religions, far from creating harmony actually create division and conflict. So rather than bring out all those well known arguments we make a little sarcastic comment. Why can’t you accept it without making a fuss. I don’t understand it many of my religious friends would just have a chuckle about it. Living in a free democracy like we still have is about rubbing along with all different people who have different ideas and of some want to make comments about religion then they should not feel guilty afraid to do so. Why don’t you grow up.

  9. I hate that we spend so much time arguing and fighting with one another instead of simply moving past all the differences and trying to get along. I know, I guess I’m pretty simple-minded. I just don’t understand all the fuss on either side to be honest. Regardless of anyone’s beliefs or non-belief…it’s actually pretty simple, there are good people and bad people, only their character and actions truly define them.
    Being an atheist or having your own opinion doesn’t bother me whatsoever, it’s the hateful mean-spirited degrading tone of many of the comments. I think communicating differences could be more respectful and kind, that’s all. I think if we were all the same it would be boring, so I appreciate diversity in all areas. I just don’t like mean and rude when completely unwarranted (for goodness sake, it’s just a cute puppy who appears to be saying a prayer before eating). Hardly a good enough reason to viciously attack with name-calling.
    I am retired military, I very much believe in free speech, I just don’t think it needs to be used (misused) to hurtfully and recklessly.
    By the way, to remain open-minded, one must continue growing every day.
    So…I am still growing up :-).

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