Man Knocks On Neighbor’s Door So He Can Terrorize & Stab Their Dog

Residents at a home in Joplin, Missouri are counting their blessings as they were recently assaulted by their neighbor but survived.

When police arrived on the scene, the victims reported 42-year-old Jessie Bailey knocked on their door and tried to stab them.

Bailey swung a knife at the person who answered the door and then locked himself inside the residence. In order to get away from Bailey, the residents fled the scene, leaving their dog behind.

Source: Joplin CRIME WATCH/Facebook

Sadly, Bailey stabbed the dog and fled to another residence, where he locked himself inside. He would not respond to officers’ commands to exit the residence, so the Joplin SWAT Department was called out.

Bailey was removed from the residence and arrested on charges of first-degree burglary, first-degree assault, resisting arrest, and animal abuse.

Source: Hayes Potter/Unsplash

According to the Joplin CRIME WATCH Facebook page, “The residents suffered only minor injuries, and the condition of the dog is not known at this time.”

We hope the dog recovers without any complications.

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