Jake Gave 16 Loyal Years To Family That Left Him But Then It All Turned Around

Shelter dogs often have sad histories. But sometimes a story like Jake’s comes along and really punches us in the gut. It’s heartbreaking, yes, but there is also the possibility of a new, exciting future filled with hope… and love.

Jake was taken to the Ohio Humane Society when his family decided they no longer wanted him. After 16 loyal years, Jake was no longer welcome at home. The Collie who had devoted his life to his family was now abandoned by them.

The family claimed they no longer had time for him. The shelter gave him the quietest kennel they could find. Jake was petrified. At 16, he couldn’t see or hear well. And was so confused as to why he was there in the first place.

The shelter volunteers got Jake settled then went on a mission calling up various rescues and friends in the area. Within several hours, they found a rescue willing to pick Jake up.

Almost Home Dog Rescue of Ohio sent two volunteers to pick Jake up. When they saw Jake, they cried. This precious, wise soul who was so sweet and gentle tugged at their heartstrings.

Once Jake was safe and sound with the rescue group, the Humane Society wanted to share a thing or two about Jake’s owners. And others like them. They wrote this on Facebook:

“The lies that are told, the excuses that we hear, the sad old dogs that have given of themselves, the best they have to give, only to be handed over to strangers when they need peace and safety in their final years, all take a toll on those of us who pour our hearts into our job. There isn’t one of us here who hasn’t cried over ones lost. We are accused daily of being cruel and heartless because we are forced to make hard decisions due to the irresponsibility of people.

We are stopped at Walmart, at dinner, and at school events to be asked ‘How long before you put them down?’ As if that is the only reason we work at an animal shelter. And when it comes time to make that decision, pets are brought here and surrendered because ‘we just can’t do that to them’ and I thought ‘since you do that all the time, it would be easier for you.’

We are told ‘I could never work there, I don’t know how you do it!’ But we wouldn’t work anywhere else. We work here because people can be cruel and irresponsible and we want only to help those who don’t have a voice of their own.”

Jake was placed in a beautiful foster home where he spent his time lounging about, feeling safe. After a few months, Jake found a forever home where he can live out his final days LOVED and APPRECIATED.

The lesson here: NO ANIMAL deserves to be given up on. No matter their health predicament or their age. Our pets are family and family is forever. No matter what!

Share Jake’s story so others learn this valuable lesson. Do not bring an animal into your home if he or she isn’t welcome there forever!

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