Is it a Pug or a Seal? Their Resemblances are Uncanny and Hysterical!

Here are the pics of pugs and seals. It's pretty darn difficult to tell apart a pug from a seal… their resemblance is uncanny!! LOL

Check out the hysterical pics below and see if you can tell which is which (without laughing hysterically)!!

Is it a Pug or a Seal? Think we’re sniffin’ the wrong hydrant on this one? At least give us a chance to seal the deal!

pug seal

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seal pug

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Think you can still tell the difference? Let’s do a little test. We show you an image, you scream out at the top of your lungs whether it’s a Pug or a seal.

How about this one? Seal or Pug?


via imgur

The resemblance is uncanny!
pug and seal

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STILL don’t agree with us? Well, we’re about to give you paw-dropping information. Have you ever wondered why baby dogs and baby seals are both called “pups”?

Because they both come from the same creature!



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Holy smokes!! The photoshopped pictures above of the pug and the seal are just too much to handle! LOL

Can you now see how they look awfully similar? Do you still think they are both adorable and want to them… the pug, the seal or… a “SUG”? Just make sure you've got a good sized backyard with grass AND an aquarium outside!

For more hilarious pictures of pugs and seals, be sure to visit Bark Post.

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