Steve Irwin’s Family Carry On His Legacy By Saving 90,000 Animals From Bushfires

Legendary zookeeper and wildlife activist Steve Irwin might not be with us anymore, but his family is doing all they can to continue his legacy.



In the aftermath of the destructive Australian bushfires, the Irwins are working 24/7 to rescue and rehabilitate the fallen wildlife. Estimates reveal that over 480 million animals have already perished in the bushfire horror.

Along with “Australia Zoo” staff, Steve’s kids, Robert and Bindi Irwin, and Steve’s wife, Terri Irwin, have rescued over 90,000 animals injured in the fires. The animals are now recovering under their experienced care at the Australia Zoo.


The siblings have updated on the health status of several bushfire rescues on their social media. For the sake of awareness, they’ve also shared the heartbreaking pictures of many severely burned animals that didn’t survive.


The family says Steve would’ve been depressed if he saw the current state of Australian wildlife. In the past few months itself, the Irwins have witnessed the most horrifying sights of animals trying to escape the killer flames.


Some of the koala colonies have lost over 30 percent of their inhabitants. Other native wildlife like kangaroos, wallabies, possums, wombats, and echidnas, are still at risk due to the uncontained fires and hazardous smoke levels.


The Irwins have thanked their patrons from all over the world who have donated and kept the rescue running. If you wish to donate toward their tireless rescue efforts, you can visit their donation page here.

Let’s join in their crusade and get them all the help they need! Spread the word!

Click the video below to watch the Irwins give an update on the bushfire rescue work.

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