Intelligent and Kind German Shepherd Does Housework & Shows Us That Dogs And Cats Can Be Friends

Anya, the German Shepherd always helps her mom, Lori Knoble around the house. When the family decided to bring home a stray cat, Anya took the role to be the welcome committee.


Lori first discovered Anya’s housekeeping ability when she was unloading the dryer. Anya started to observe what she was doing and started to join her in the chore.

“She would always stick her head in the dryer when I was doing laundry, and then one day, she just started taking the laundry out and handing it to me,” Lori said.

Anya also started to do other chores such as putting the remote back at the table, throwing garbage into the bins, unloading the dishwasher, and bringing grocery bags in from the car!


“Anything I’m doing, she just wants to help out,” her mom told The Dodo.

Then one day, John, Lori’s husband told her about the stray cat roaming around a carwash.


“One day at the car wash, my husband kept telling me, ‘There’s α kitten living in the dumpster.’ I couldn’t take it,” Lori stated. “We brought her home.”

They named the kitten, Munchie and provided her a safe place. At first, Munchie was unsure of her new environment.


But no matter how unsure Munchie is, there was someone sure of making her an acquaintance.

“There’s α kitty door going into the basement, and Anya would just sit αt that kitty door, looking through, just staring at her,” Lori mentioned. “She could not wait to meet her.

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Finally, Anya was allowed to go near Munchie and from that moment on, she never left the kitten’s side.

However, Munchie remained hesitant about her big furry housemate. Anya keep her cool and gave Munchie space until she is comfortable.


The kitten continue to glance and graze until a friendship was formed with the help of a shoestring. The kitten found a shoestring and liked it. Meanwhile, Anya grabbed the opportunity and began playing with Munchie.


Starting that day, the German shepherd became the kitten’s mentor and bestie making Munchie feel loved and at home.

“Anya kind of helped us break the ice with her,” said Lori. “She kind of is the one that helped Munchie make that adjustment from being downstairs in the basement to being with family.”


Munchie loved that Anya is constantly entertaining her with cat toys and keeping an on her.

“I get so emotional when I think about it, But Anya is truly an angel,” mom said. “It is just moving to see little Munchie with her.”


We couldn’t agree more! Watch Anya and Munchie’s friendship below.

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