‘In loving memory of Bruce’: woman sets up tennis ball stand at beach as tribute to late dog

It’s always difficult dealing with the loss of a beloved pet. People grieve in many different ways, but many people choose to pay tribute to their late pets with a memorial.

And recently, one heartwarming memorial appeared on the beach, both memorializing one deceased dog and providing a gift to other dogs.

At the Silver Sands beach in South Australia, passerby might notice a wooden stand with a note attached:

In loving memory of Bruce.”

The stand was set up by Bruce’s grieving owner. It includes a photo of Bruce frolicking in the water, showing how much he loved this beach when he was alive.

And as a way to honor Bruce’s memory, the owner made sure that other dogs would get to enjoy it, too. She left out a box of yellow tennis balls, completely free-of-charge to any dog who wants one.

“Please help yourself to a tennis ball for your dog to enjoy,” the note reads, according to Daily Mail Australia. “You may also wish to pop it back in the box afterwards for another dog to play with. If you wish to keep it that’s fine too!”

“Remember to live each moment like your dog with unconditional love, loyalty and happiness.”

The beautiful memorial has warmed hearts everywhere, becoming a favorite with locals and a viral story online.

When we lose a pet, we often look back on the happy times we had with them — often just the simple things like playing ball at the beach.

That’s what makes this memorial so special: the real gift isn’t the tennis balls, it’s the reminder to appreciate your time with your pet while you still can.

Rest in peace, Bruce. You may be gone, but you’re still touching many people. Share this heartwarming story!

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