OMG… If Looks Could Kill…

“He's a dead man…” That's what crossed my mind when i first saw this video!

This is just too funny! Just love the doggy's facial expression when his human taps him on the chest! It's TD Stoppenhagen's Boxer dog – and as you can see, he gives the best look of disgust ever!

He's like… “Did you just touch me?? Don't touch me again, human… touch me again and – I swear – I'll kill you!”

…or maybe “WTF you think you're doing MF?!” LOL!

I'll guarantee it'll be 0:06 of your life well spent!

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497 thoughts on “OMG… If Looks Could Kill…

  1. John Richardson I couldn’t agree more. They are little turds to raise. I’ve had 4 boxers now. Each was “awful” as a puppy, but with patience and allowing them to mature in their own time, since they have the longest puppyhood of any breed, is so rewarding!

  2. I have an almost 3 year old male. The best breed ever. When he’s gets to rough while playing I tell him “ouch you hurt momma” he stops and actually loves on me and licks where he “hurt” me, that’s his way of apologizing. We never create trained I always thought it was mean.

  3. Tiffany I have to crate train because I have five dogs including my mom’s Chiweenie. My mom is 84 years old and Abby is a bit much for her. But it is never a dull moment at our house. The male boxer mix and always gets mom’s shoes and plays hide and seek.

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