Clever Husky Won’t Be Tricked Into Taking His Medicine

As any parent will tell you, it’s sometimes a challenge to get kids to take their medicine. It’s no different with pet parents, as Anuko the Husky’s mom, Jasmine Milton, recently found out when she tried to give him his medicine.

Anuko is a highly intelligent husky who knows if his mom is up to something. So when she tries to give him a pink pill wrapped in a delicious meat, he’s immediately suspicious.

He cleverly figures out how to eat the treat, but spit out the pill. I couldn’t stop laughing as I watched Anuko thwart his mom’s every attempt. I’m sure it’s a familiar sight to other dog owners out there.

Jasmine did eventually get him to take is pills after several failed attempts. For those wondering, Anuko fell ill with suspected bacterial colitis and on the mend and doing much better now.

Anuko became a viral sensation with his skeptical gaze after his mom tried to trick him when playing fetch. Take a look at the hilarious photos here.

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