Hungry Stray Walked Up To Stranger’s Car And The Man Made The Mistake Of Offering Food

The saying is that if you feed an animal once, that’s all it takes for it to stick around forever. Well, this stray didn’t even have to see the food first before making himself right at home! The dog walks up to the stranger’s car, and the man asks “Do you want something to eat?”

Source: Youtube

A nice gesture, but the dog’s next move has the man quickly regretting it! The dog takes that as his cue to let himself in, and he starts climbing through the window to get inside. The man and his passenger are taken by complete surprise and panic at this unexpected move! 😀

Source: Youtube

The camera shakes as the dog forcefully perches himself on top of the steering wheel, and they can’t help but laugh at what just transpired! Not long after, the stray makes his way to the passenger seat and looks back at the man as if to say, “So, about that food you promised…”

You don’t see this everyday! Too funny. 😀

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