Proof That Horses And Dogs Make The Best Of Friends!

We can learn quite a lot from our animal friends.

They love one another regardless of their differences, which is why so many different species end up becoming the most unlikely best of buds!

It’s pretty common knowledge for anyone who grew up with many different kinds of animals, and if you’re likely enough to own a dog and horse, you’ve probably seen their special bond firsthand.

As horses can be easily spooked, animal experts recommend introducing them to a potential doggie playmate in a positive, low-stress environment, and making sure that the dog isn’t overexcited and begins their interaction while on a leash.

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1. “Look ma, I'm a pretty pony!”

Christine Slawik

2. “You have no idea how PLEASED I am to meet you!”


3. “Are we related?”

4. “Let me introduce you to the wonders of a WALK, my friend!”


5. “You're my mane man.”

6. “Gimme all your sweet horsie kisses!”


7. “I'll always help you be the best you can be!”


8. “If you're feeling lonely, if won't be furlong…”

Nanio Pixadus

9. “This is war…tug o' war, that is!”

Jennifer MacNeill

10. “I'll never let you ride solo.”


11. “You make the perfect nap spot.”


12. “Hay now, that's not very neigh-borly!”


13. “We're just sisters from different misters.”


14. “Come on, those squirrels were just over there!”


15. “I'll walk by your side down this old dirt road wherever it may lead us…”


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