Horse Revives His Stricken Stablemate Who Was About To Be Put Down & Saves Her Life

We are accustomed to seeing friendly people save and rescue animals, but animals of the same species rarely do anything necessary to help each other and save each other’s lives.

But that’s exactly what happened in Britain after a beautiful Shire Horse named Beatrice was at the last moment of her life and saved the lives of her stable companions.

They did everything they could and tried all possible options, but all attempts were in vain. They used her machine to pick her up and pull her around her stable, but Beatrice couldn’t get up yet.

Beatrice is a 16-year-old Shire horse, she was diagnosed with colic and she collapsed. The unfortunate horse collapsed with severe abdominal pain after a nearly fatal increase in heart rate and blood pressure.

Her owners did everything possible to get her back, including the use of machines to lift her, but all her attempts failed. After losing all hope, they decided to call their vet to put them to sleep so that they could end their suffering.

Another horse, Bo, in the stables was watching over everything. When the owner took him out and fed him, he went straight to Beatrice instead of eating as usual.

What he did next was great. He lifted her head and kept her position straight. Just as everyone gave up, Bo insisted on saving their lives and he did it!

Check out the full story in the video below!

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