Lonely dog wanders alone without shelter or food, jumps inside stranger’s car at first chance

Dog rescues can sometimes be tricky—a dog can be timid and scared, or even scatter away from its rescuers, too scared to trust anyone that comes near it.

However, the Hope For Paws rescue team was in for a treat when they encountered the sweetest pit bull ever.

They received a call notifying them about an abandoned pit bull in downtown Los Angeles. When they found him, he was wandering alone through an empty street, with no company, shelter, or food.

Pit bulls, much less stray ones, are often considered aggressive, but this lovable pit bull was anything but aggressive—all he needed was some TLC. The rescuers were pleased to find that the lonely dog was actually quite gentle, but still a bit wary of the newcomers.

Not surprisingly, food is the way to any dog’s heart, and that’s exactly how they won him over. They quickly gained the dog’s trust, and decided to name him Brutus.

Brutus was so delighted at making new friends (and eating treats), that he happily followed his rescuers into their car. Finally, after many solitary days on the city streets, he was off to search for the perfect family. He couldn’t have done so without his rescue team, and he made sure to shower them in gratitude and affection.

As friendly as stray dogs like Brutus may be, they will always be happy to find new pals and, most importantly, a new home. Thanks to the selfless efforts of volunteers and workers at organizations like Hope For Paws, many other homeless dogs can find the loving households they deserve.

Watch the video below to see Brutus’s rescue, and his adorable way of thanking his heroes.

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