Lonely Homeless Boy Rescues A Street Pup, Doesn’t Know Pup Will Return The Favor In Touching Way

There are few things more heartbreaking than seeing a child living on the streets.

Sadly, it’s more common than most people realize. Photographer Maria Kabs noticed a little boy named Rommel Quemenales living on the streets of Quezon City in the Philippines and decided to take some photos of him to share on her Facebook page. Rommel might have been homeless, but he had found a way to bring joy to his life. He had adopted a puppy that was also living on the streets.

Source: Facebook/Maria Kabs

Kabs was touched by their friendship and photographed them together.

Rommel didn’t have much to offer the puppy other than love. It turns out, that is all the puppy wanted. Rommel and his canine friend are happy despite their living situation. Now, neither of them has to be lonely because they have each other.

Kabs published her photos on Facebook, and they got a lot of comments. Many people were touched by them. Although everyone wishes that Rommel wasn’t living on the streets and was able to have a normal childhood, they are also glad he has a friend to play with and to make him happy.

Source: Facebook/Maria Kabs

Rommel’s story is far more heartbreaking than most people realize.

He told the photographer that his parents had separated, and he had to quit school after second grade. He also said that he had a sister in another town and sometimes get to visit her when he has the money. He would like to go back to school and play with other kids his age. He explained that he found the puppy and named him Badgi.

Source: Facebook/Maria Kabs

Badgi is Rommel’s best friend, and they play together all day.

Rommel enjoys teaching Badgi different tricks and cuddling with him at night. Rommel might have been dealt a rough hand, but he has learned to care for others and be compassionate. Badgi and Rommel are lucky to have each other. Hopefully, their lives will get better one day.

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The Humble Master and His Loyal Dog After being viral in social media, I thought that it would be best to talk to the boy behind the touching picture I posted. His name is Rommel Quemenales, an eleven-year-old boy who lives around GMA Network Complex in Quezon City. His parents separated when he was young. He has an elder sister whom he visits in San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan whenever he has money. “Umuuwi lang ako sa bahay ng ate ko ‘pag may ihuhulog na ako sa alkansiya ko.”, Rommel said. Rommel expressed his intentions to get back to school for he only finished grade 2. “Namamalimos po ako kasi gusto ko pong maka-ipon. Gusto ko pa pong mag-aral. Para rin po matulungan ko ang aking kapatid.” His dog is named Badgi. He found Badgi a month ago in the streets. He adopted him so he would have a companion. “Sobrang bait po ni Badgi. Tulog lang siya nang tulog. Tinuturuan ko na rin siya ng tricks ngayon.”Here are some of his pictures and videos. Please share with everybody so we could help him and his dog.

Posted by Maria Kabs on Monday, May 25, 2015

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