Unwanted Pit Bull Is Taken In By Police, Becomes Member Of The Department

A 6-year-old pit bull mix named Halo was surrendered to Rags 2 Riches Animal Rescue by her former owners after they separated, and she sat waiting for almost a year to find a new home.

The dog was staying with a foster family when Lieutenant Mickey Curran of the Upland Borough Police Department saw her photo on Facebook and had to have her.

Upland Borough Police Department/Facebook

“She had a snaggletooth and an underbite, and I said, ‘That’s the girl for us!'” Curran told The Philadelphia Inquirer.

“I said ‘I know this is unorthodox but would you be OK with a police department rescuing a dog and with the dog living at the station?'”

The director of the rescue, Tish Mayo, loved the idea and was all in!

Upland Borough Police Department/Facebook

So Halo was brought into the station and sworn in as an official Upland Police officer! She’s the first rescue K-9 in the department’s history.

She will serve in a special role as a community police officer attending events and meetings to make people feel safe and welcome. 🙂

Upland Borough Police Department/Facebook

“She’s legit,” Curran stated about Halo’s police officer status. “She took an oath and put her paw on the Bible and all.”

Upland Borough Police Department/Facebook

It seems Halo found her calling in life with the perfect people!

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