Haflinger Foal Tries To Play With His Mom With All His Energy

I’m sure all horse lovers are familiar with the Haflinger horse, also known as the golden horse with a golden heart. This beautiful horse is known among all other horse breeds for its rich beautiful mane, elegant coats and friendly temperament. They are known all over the world for their unique color and character.

The fact that they are called golden horses with a golden heart tells us everything you need to know about this breed. Although considered a small horse, it should not be mistaken for a pony.

Although they may have a pony descent, they are classified as horses and their personality makes it clearer to understand the difference between a regular pony and a Haflinger. The character is very friendly and kind and can be trained well without problems.

At first glance, Haflinger’s words can be confused with Palomino’s words because they are very similar. This is due to the brown coat and the creamy spots are a noticeable sign of Palomino pigmentation.

But the real difference lies in the density of the tail and mane.  As this breed was bred for the highlands, it is very easy to maintain and it is not surprising that it can remain very healthy without hay or pasture.

In the video below, you can meet Strudel, one of Haflinger’s most beautiful and playful foals. The cub is very lively and mobile.

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