Guys stop to get a closer look at moose in forest – land in the middle of a rescue mission

It’s not everyday that you see a live moose standing on the edge of the road. But it does happen sometimes. Depending on where you are, a drive along the highway in the morning or evening can sometimes offer you a rare glimpse of these unique animals.

The men below made a complete stop when they saw a moose at the edge of the road, and the video footage they caught is so incredible that it’s being shared all over the world.

The moose looked distressed, but instead of dashing for the forest to take cover, she stayed where she was at the edge of the road. It was as though she was protecting something just out of sight.

Then the men heard a shriek. What they caught on camera next cannot be missed.

The fence was trampled in an area close to the ground, and they could see a splindly pair of legs thrashing around down there.

On closer inspection, they found a tiny moose calf.

The stressed mom looked terrified when the men approached. She clearly didn’t want them to get close to her child. But the men knew that the calve wouldn’t be able to free itself.

They decided only one of them should go forward. The other picked up his camera and filmed a clip that I just had to share with you.

At first, the mom ran forward to the man, as though she was trying to scare him away. But when he got closer, she backed away. She was scared, but at the same time she didn’t want to leave her calf.

When the man reached the calve he took some pliers and began to cut the fence. In the clip, we see the mom dart to and from the forest. She’s clearly very distressed.

One minute later, the calf is free.

You can see the rescue for yourself below. You really can’t miss this:

How lucky was this calf that someone showed up in time to save him. Moose can be aggressive – especially when it comes to their calves.

That’s why this clip is so incredible – these men were really brave to step in.

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