Feisty Bulldog Puppy Throws A Snarky Tantrum When Dad Won’t Snuggle With Her

Greta the Bulldog puppy was playing with her toys on the carpet, when she had a sudden urge to snuggle with Dad on the couch.

But when she turned to Dad and demanded him to pick her up, he amusingly took his chance to tease her instead – causing the little munchkin to erupt in a rather snarky temper tantrum!

Source: Rumble Viral/YouTube

In this video, we see Greta’s furious barks and growls as she argues with Dad with her feisty hissy fit.

In her head, she thinks she’s letting out the most ferocious and intimidating battle cry – but those repeated woofs sound nothing more than a squeaky battery-operated doggie toy!

Source: Rumble Viral/YouTube

What enrages Greta further is Dad’s ridiculously patronizing ways as he refuses to take her temper seriously and keeps baby-talking her.

It doesn’t help that she gets knocked off her paws every time she tries to climb up Dad’s legs. She is frustrated with her tiny wobbly stature, but decides to reclaim her power whatsoever!

Source: Rumble Viral/YouTube

Watch this video all the way till the end to see Greta establishing her rightful “authority” and victoriously getting her way with Dad.

But the second she gets her couch spot, all that grumpy rage vanishes right away to make way for a cuddly little angel! There’s no way anyone can mess with this bossy pup!

Click the video below to watch Greta being a sassy queen as she persistently argues with Dad!

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