Dog Throws Epic Tantrum When His Dinner Is Missing A Key Ingredient

Pets aren’t always happy with their food. Some just turn up their noses and walk away. Others look at you like, “this isn’t what I asked for.”

Then there are others, like Gregory, that absolutely go berserk. Some would say Gregory is spoiled. Why? Because he LOVES gravy on his food.

Yes, that's right — gravy. Lol!

If he doesn’t get what he desires, he pitches an epic tantrum and waits until he gets exactly what he wants. But that wasn’t going to happen this time, so says his owner, comedian Aunt Boo.

She tried serving Gregory food that was missing the key ingredient and when he didn’t find it in his food dish, well…

This happens…

He leaps about two feet into the air and flops around for a bit. Then he starts whining and complaining.

Aunt Boo wasn’t caving, though:

Eat your food,” she says. “You cannot have gravy this time!

Gregory finally just collapses and gives up. But Aunt Boo still wasn’t going to buckle under the pet’s pressure.

Well go ahead and be hungry, then. That don’t make no sense. That’s called spoiled.

Isn’t this when our parents would feed us the “there are starving kids all over the world” line and make us eat our Brussels Sprouts? 😉

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