Silverback Gorilla Makes Sure His Family Safely Crosses The Road

An alpha male gorilla named Chimanuka had a tense and daunting task of trying to get his family and troop safely across a road that goes through the nature park where he lives.

Chimanuka is the silverback leader of a group of around 36 gorillas living in Kahuzi-Biega National Park in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

These gorillas are known for being the biggest gorilla sub-species, called the Eastern Lowland or Grauer’s Gorilla.

Chimanuka was the first gorilla to be found (in around 2002) after civil unrest in region – his name means “good fortune just when you need it”. He has a very calm temperament and is gentle with park rangers, tourists and scientists in the area.

He’s also been observed to be very affectionate with his young offspring, and you can see in the video below that he’s very protective of them and the others’ young.

The short clips, above and below, are from a BBC nature show called “Gorilla Family & Me”.

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