Hearing Dog Transforms Deaf Girl’s Life

Hearing Dog Transforms Deaf Girl's Life

12-year-old Elyana Kuhlemeier, from East Sussex, was struggling until hearing dog Gordon gave her a lifeline.

Elyana is profoundly deaf, which her parents first noticed when she was just two and a half years old, and despite genetic testing, the cause remains unknown.

Not only was Elyana experiencing hearing loss, but she also faced challenges with bullying and making friends.

At her lowest points, Elyana would tear her own hair out in clumps, or would spend the day vomiting when everything got too much for her.

Her parents thought the carefree moments of childhood were gone for good. But the arrival of Gordon, Elyanaʼs hearing dog, transformed her life, her confidence, and her self-belief.

Gordon provides reassurance during difficult nighttime hours, and safety by alerting Elyana to sounds. Gordon wakes Elyana up in the morning by pulling her duvet off, and gives her focus, routine, confidence and companionship.

When she returns from school, Gordon is over the moon to see her.

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