Abandoned Puppy Finds Love And Comfort In The Wings Of An Unlikely Friend

On a very cold day, a passerby saw something peculiar out of the corner of his eye. At first it appeared that two animals were engaged in a fight.

But upon further inspection, the man realized it was a goose cuddling and protecting a newborn puppy.

Good Times

In these temperatures, the tiny newborn pup wouldn’t have made it for very long. Abandoned by its mother, it needed another means of survival.

And that’s where a loving goose stepped in with an act of kindness that would end up going viral across the internet.

The goose must’ve seen the puppy shivering in the cold, and her maternal instincts kicked in to help save the young one.

She pulled the puppy close and wrapped her wings around it for warmth and shelter. The orphaned pup fell asleep in her care.

Good Times

At one point, it even appeared as if the goose was stroking the puppy with her beak. This moment of unconditional love proves that love can transcend species in ways we can’t even imagine.

This pup may not have a mom anymore, but he’s not without motherly love.

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