Dog Steals The Golf Cart And Crashes It Into The Family’s Truck

Titan loves taking rides on his family’s golf cart. But one day, the dog got the idea to take it for a spin himself!

“We were away and then we came back and I said to my husband, ‘Oh my god! Someone was in our yard and took our golf cart for a joy ride and smashed it into my truck,'” she told CTV News.

After looking at the security camera footage, they saw the culprit was their 10-year-old dog. Thankfully, he was not injured in the slow-speed crash and the truck only suffered minor damage.

And it didn’t deter the pooch from ever getting into the cart again…

“He still wants to go for golf cart rides, so you’ll still catch him sitting in the golf cart ’cause that’s one of his favorite things to do,” Mallory said. How funny! 😀

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