Golden Retrievers and Husky Welcomes the New Kittens to the Family

One adorable video became trending online showing three large dogs gathering together to welcome the new addition to the family – a litter of kittens.


You can see in the video, two Golden Retrievers and one Husky being gentle to the kittens. We all know that Golden Retrievers are gentle dogs while Huskies tend to chase smaller animals. However, the three dogs are very welcoming to the kitties.


The video is a compilation of short videos filmed for many weeks. Starting from weeks-old kittens until they started to crawl. There are three kittens in there, two are pure white while the other one is a calico.


Part of the video also shows dogs licking and nuzzling the kittens. As the felines grow older, they return the gentleness and sweetness to the canine brothers.


There are also some clips showing two Taby, a silver, and an orange. However, videos show that neither of them is the mother since a human fed the kittens using a syringe nor not one of them nursing the baby cats.

Watch the adorable video below.

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