News Anchor Can’t Make It Through “Goat Man” Story Without Cracking Up

Sometimes it’s hard to hold it together when all you want to really do is laugh out loud. A news anchor completely got a case of the giggles after watching a report on “goat man.”

The story had to do with Tom Thwaites, a biologist who wanted to live simply. He took a trip to the Swiss Alps, where he met up with mountain goats.

Source: Funny Avenue/YouTube

Dubbed Tom “The Goat Man” Thwaites, he lived in the mountains for three days, surrounded by a herd of domesticated goats.

He ate with them, played with them, rested with them, and even had a special set of ‘goat legs’ made for himself by a leading prosthesis expert, Dr. Glyn Heath, before the trip.

Source: Funny Avenue/YouTube

In a spoof for the Nobel prize, Thwaites recorded the research in the mountains and submitted it for consideration with the “IG Nobel awards.”

As the news anchor tries to read the story and explain the research, she cannot stop laughing. She cracks up over and over, and she is guaranteed to get you giggling!

Source: Funny Avenue/YouTube

The story was so ridiculous, with Thwaites trying to integrate himself into goat society. He is seen chewing grass, trying to walk like a goat, and even trying to be a part of the herd.

Watch the story and listen for the hysterical reaction of the news anchor in the video below. We give her credit for trying!

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