Globe Telecom just made every Facebook user cry with this 4-minute Christmas commercial

Globe’s 2017 Christmas ad features a dog named Chobo. Chobo is lost and is walking the streets alone. An old man standing by sees the hungry pooch and decided to befriend the dog and give it a bit of bread.

It was then when the old man decides to take the dog home and take care of it. The old man gave it a collar, bathed him and gave it a home. The clip went on to show how much attached they are through time and how Choco would sleep beside his new owner. They would even give each other a high-5 when in the park.

It is now Christmas, the old man and Chobo put up a Christmas tree inside his big house. Photos of the old man’s family were then in the frame. Safe to say, his family is far away and he is spending the holidays alone. Thanks to this pooch Chobo, he has company.

One day, Chobo and the old man went out for a walk. It was then when he saw a poster of his new friend who apparently is missing. The old man knew the right thing to do. So he decided to give the owner’s a call.

It turns out, Chobo belonged to a happy family with two kids. The family rushed in to Chobo as soon as the old man opened the door to his home only to let the family take his new found friend. Chobo is now with his real owners. While playing, the little girl saw Chobo’s new collar. It wasn’t his, it was given to him by the old man.

The old man was spending Christmas by himself reading a newspaper when he received a call. Chobo’s family invited him for Christmas eve. When the old man rang the bell to Chobo’s home, the pooch immediately run to him as if he was his.

“From Unexpected Friendships to Lasting Relationships.” This was the tagline the video had towards the end. Globe Telecom had the slogan, “Create New Traditions” for their Christmas ad and it is indeed making everyone cry for the right reasons.

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