Brave 16-Year-Old Girl Chases Horse On Highway To Save Him

Brave 16-Year-Old Girl Chases Horse On Highway To Save Him

When Caroline spotted a horse running towards the highway she sprung into action to save him.

Caroline was attending a horse show with her young filly, Tink, whom she rescued just the year before.

Caroline and Tink were just about to step into the ring when the announcer yelled there was a loose horse and she could see the brown horse with no halter running towards danger.

Caroline immediately grabbed a lead rope from another man chasing the horse and she and Tink took after the loose horse.

Caroline and Tink chase after the horse, trying to coax it to safety.

It took some time but eventually Caroline and Tink managed to steer the frightened horse to the side of the road by a field.

Once the horse was secure, the trailer showed up quickly after. Caroline and Tink still managed to compete at the show and took home a third place ribbon.

“I have this quote I live by which seems to get me into some dangerous situations but I still use it anyway,” Caroline said afterwards about why she decided to pursue the horse. The saying? “Do for others what you would want others to do for you.”

Caroline says she would never have pulled it off with any other horse.

What’s even more amazing about Tink’s heroics is that Caroline found her on a Kill Pen Facebook page. The horse was very skinny and malnourished and had trust issues. But just seeing Tink and Caroline working together it’s clear those trust issues aren’t a problem any more.

Caroline says she didn’t save the horse, it was Tink. She told Maryland Saddlery “Tink saved that horse, I saved Tink but she saved that horse. I just let her do it.”

Viewers of the video have nothing but praise for both Caroline and Tink.

“As a lifelong equestrian, let me tell you how special this girl’s horse is, along with her being an unflappable rider. To remain calm on the interstate like that, – that horse is worth their weight in gold,” wrote one person. “WELL DONE to this horse and rider!!”

“The horse she’s riding is a true hero keeping calm and just wanting to help her friend,” said another.

“Your horse trusting you enough to ride loose rein on a highway without going super fast or spooking is incredible already, but with another horse next to it showing such obvious fear, too? That is almost superhuman,” commented one other viewer. “You are obviously an amazing rider who communicates perfectly with her horse, and Tink obviously knew what her job was. You have truly rescued an amazing horse.”

“Yayyyyyyyyyyyy for her leadership and poise! Her horse never let her down, she stayed right there carrying her load against a bareback horse,” another noted. “Caroline, young lady you are a treasure and a hero, you never peeked over your shoulder to see what was coming. Your commitment to this horse is exemplary. Thank you, my name means Lover of Horses.”

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