15 Gifts That Anyone Obsessed with Boxer Dogs Will Love

If you’ve got a boxer lover in your life, you know the struggle of finding the perfect gift that represents the true boxer spirit. Comical, playful, regal, and true-hearted, the boxer is one of the best friends a person could have. Check out these great gift ideas that match the quirky clown we call the boxer dog.


1. A pillowcase featuring an adorable boxer puppy wearing glasses. Such a hipster.


This cuteastic pillow cover is a washable cotton-poly blend, that’s printed on both sides.


2. This stylish boxer t-shirt in blue or grey


Who doesn’t need a shirt in their collection featuring a dapper boxer in a bowtie? The design is placed stylishly low on the shirt for a unique look. Pro tip: Reviews suggest buying a size up. Shopping for a dude? Try this model.


3. Let them bake up some tasty boxer dog shaped cookies.


Better yet, bake a batch up yourself and present them with the cookie cutter tied up in a bow.


4.A handful of medium thickness boxer guitar picks


These custom printed guitar picks feature a boxer looking up at a tiny bee. Perfect for the rockstar boxer lover in your life.


5. Boxers for Dummies handbook


Top Review: “Any book on the comedian of the dog world, a Boxer, is a good book. We who have owned, Will own one, want one, will pick up a few funnies along the way.” – Gale


6. Real boxer lovers aren’t afraid of a little toot.


A portion of the profits from these gassy boxer magnets go to Paws in Need.


7. No, it’s not for everyone, but this giant boxer head is just right for somebody you know


This review says it all:


8. Help them get it all down with this obsessive boxer disorder notebook


Is it a journal? A manuscript? A scrapbook of precious boxer memories? Let your boxer obsessed gift receiver decide what’s best for this lined notebook.


9. Help them some flair to their kitchen and dining setup with this awesome salt pepper shaker set


A must have for boxer lovers.


10. Boxer Mom – Wiggle Butt Club Tee


Do you know of an awesome boxer mom? This shirt is perfect for her. Shopping for a boxer dad? Try this model.


11. Monopoly + Boxer = Boxer-Opoly!!


Another must have for boxer lovers. Great family fun!


12. A great gift for any Wine / Boxer Lover – Boxer Wine Bottle Holder


Another must have for boxer lovers. This is sure to be a great addition to the kitchen! A definite conversation starter!


13. Boxer Etched Wine Glass




14. This little Boxer Stuff Dog is sooooooooooooooooo cute!


Another must have for boxer lovers.


15. Farting Boxer Dog Mug!


Another must have for boxer lovers. A great gift for that Boxer parent who totally understands.

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