German Shepherd scared of slippery floor, comes up with the perfect solution

Does your dog have difficulty walking on hardwood floors? Regardless of breed, all dogs usually have trouble walking on hardwood floors at first.

Hardwood floors, tile, laminate, or vinyl flooring all have on thing in common – they are slippery and provide no traction. This can be a scary experience for a dog when they first attempt to walk on them.

This German Shepherd in the video is no exception. He is scared of the slippery floor. He attempts to make it down the hallway without slipping on the wood floor. How he does so is brilliant!

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Just watch the video on the next page to witness this German Shepherd's epic attempt to make it down the hallway without slipping.

What he does at the end is just brilliant!

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54 thoughts on “German Shepherd scared of slippery floor, comes up with the perfect solution

  1. That is not funny. The dog is obviously distressed. They need to suck it up, go to Home Depot and buy a long carpet runner off the roll. We did that for our senior dog and it literally expanded her world. Have a heart.

  2. We have two labs. One is fine on hardwood while the other is terrified of it. We bought a runner for our hallway. Don’t force a terrified dog like that. You can use treats and coax them down the hallway if the fear isn’t too entrenched so that they associate the action with something good but they should never have to be afraid like this dog clearly is. Our dog, Clarke, will never be okay with hardwood. That’s okay. For him, we will always have a runner.

  3. Your one dog needing his nails trimmed doesn’t account for this dog’s fear. I have two labs. One has this fear and one doesn’t. They have different experiences with the world. You can try to use treats to get them used to something they don’t like but at some point, if that doesn’t work, you just need to buy a runner. For my allergies, I’d prefer to have no carpets. For my chocolate lab’s needs, I have runners and area rugs.

  4. Not cute. They are scared for a reason. Too make him do something that may hurt him is awful. He was crying. She was laughing. When he did achieve it, not treat or petting. And a throw rug that is too small. And when he kept turning away, there was anger in her voice. Now what was cute about this?

  5. This looks funny — but sadly it not ! Thank you for posting and showing a real danger for our pups — My Rott tore his tendons in his leg and couldn’t walk for several months with out awful Pain and Medications I put rugs down all over the place — didn’t look the best but he was “Safe” to walk in our own home !! 🙂 Isn’t your Fur Babies worth it ?

  6. Maybe it’s a shepherd thing!!! Mine was only afraid of the kitchen floor. But at my new house she is petrified. So I had to put ghetto rugs all over! She walks backwards too!!! It’s sad!

  7. Won’t watch this as I know how it ends….poor guy. These floors are really dangerous for dogs as they cannot get a grip….if he was to slip badly he could end up having expensive vet bills – hip and joint displacement being the tip of the iceberg…… a little rug would help, especially when he gets older…..sorry but just saying.

  8. Not just a shepherd thing…these dogs are super intelligent and know when something’s not right for them….bless. rugs are the best thing as it can be an expensive trip to the vets once they slip – you’ve done the right thing.

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