German Shepherd Rushes Into The Pool To Save The Pet Mother When He Senses Trouble

Dogs love their pet parents without condition. We occasionally encounter videos that demonstrate how canines frequently attempt to assist their owners.

Like in this video, where a German Shepherd tries to rescue its owner after sensing her predicament. The possibility exists that watching the video will cause your heart to swell up.

The video gained popularity after being re-shared on Reddit from its TikTok original. “Mom I’ll save you! ” according to the caption provided with the video.

The stunning video depicts a woman swimming in a pool. Her dog, however, senses that she is in jeopardy and immediately leaps in to save her.

Take a look at the video:

21 hours have passed since the video was posted, it has received nearly 15,000 upvotes and the figure keeps rising. People have also left a variety of comments in response to the share.

“My German Shepherd pulled me out of the tub like this one day. I was screaming at the cat (who jumped into the tub) and the dog thought I was screaming since someone made me take a bath. The dog was not happy. I was not happy. Pretty sure the cat thought it was hilarious,” a Reddit user said.

“Fear not will save yooo!! ” posted another.

“How did we get so lucky to have dogs in our lives? ” commented a third.

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