Nervous Dog Is Terrified Of Water Sprinkler But Baby Brother Shows Him It’s Okay

There’s something magical about the interaction between dogs and children. It’s amazing how they understand each other’s needs so well and always look out for each other.

In this video, we see the heart-touching friendship between a tiny toddler and his big German Shepherd, and it’s beyond adorable!

Source: YouTube

When the baby and his German Shepherd walk into their yard for a play-date, the water sprinkler goes off all of a sudden.

Despite being a huge dog, the German Shepherd is spooked out at the sight of the water flushing out from the ground. When the dog freezes in his spot out of fear, the observant baby immediately senses his plight.

Source: YouTube

In an utterly sweet move, the baby moves toward the sprinkler and extends his arm over the gushing water.

He looks at his dog with a comforting smile as if to reassure him that the water sprinkler is perfectly safe and harmless.

This little gesture works like magic, and the German Shepherd starts frolicking around with the sprinkler like the happiest boy!

Source: YouTube

This viral video has left the viewers in awe of the toddler’s compassionate and thoughtful sentiments toward his doggie brother.

Kids undeniably have an innate sense of empathy toward their furry companions. This precious video will have you smiling!

Click the video below to watch how the little baby helps his doggie brother overcome his fear of water sprinklers!

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