George: The Great Dane Service Dog Had the Best Dog Day

When BarkPost heard of the little girl’s story of how her service dog, George, assisted her in regaining her ability to walk, they decided he was more than worthy of receiving their “Dog’s Best Day” title.

Bella, age 11, has Morquio Syndrome, a rare progressive illness that affects her mobility.

While volunteering at Service Dog Project, Inc., Bella’s mother made the decision that she needed a service dog, and while there, she met and fell in love with George, her new best friend.

The two have been together ever then, and Bella says in the video that she understood right away that George needed her just as much as she needed him.

Bella now wants to repay George for everything he has done for her, so with the help of BarkPost, they were able to make George’s day the BEST EVER!

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