Frustrated Dog Has A Whiny Fit Coz Mom Won’t Open His Christmas Stocking Early

Bodie the dog has many fine qualities that make him a good boy, but patience is definitely not one of them. Especially around Christmas, Bodie has a spectacularly hard time waiting to open his gifts.

The goofy dog often gives in to his frustration and throws some of the whiniest tantrums toward his mom!

Source: LEX18 News/YouTube

In this video, we see Bodie during one of his crazy tantrums. Bodie sees the stockings hanging on the wall and starts poking around at them.

Like every day, his mom disapproves of his actions and advises him to wait for Christmas. At this, the disappointed Bodie just snaps and starts moaning in the most pitiful manner.

Bodie looks completely distressed as he makes his trademark sad-puppy eyes and pleads with Mom to let him have his gifts.

But clearly, Bodie isn’t going to have much luck today. His restlessness soon turns into frustration as he lets out some adorable mini-growls!

Source: LEX18 News/YouTube

After Bodie vents out to his heart’s content, he simply gives up and lays down on the carpet in defeat. Poor boy!

We’re sure Mom is having a hard time too because it’s just so hard to keep breaking this cute pup’s little heart. We hope Bodie was the happiest pooch when he finally got to open his presents!

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