Rescue dog rescues 52 people after Mexico earthquake. This incredible pooch is stealing the internet’s heart.

Those who have been following the news have surely heard about the Mexico City earthquake.

The quake measured a 7.1 and was devastating to many in the area, causing buildings to collapse and plenty of property damage. Though rescue efforts are going, it has been reported that at least 230 people were killed and many more were injured. Because of the rubble and debris all over the city, many rescue efforts were undertaken to save as many lives of people trapped as possible.

Helping out in those efforts is one incredible rescue animal stealing the internet’s heart.

Frida is a search and rescue dog working with the Mexican Navy.

Along with her help and the support of two additional German shepherds, Frida was able to help sniff out and hear people trapped in the rubble of many collapsed buildings. With Frida and the support team pointing the way, other on-site personnel were able to dig many of those people out.

Needless to say, her courage has made her something of a hero in the hearts and Minds of Mexico City citizens.

The president of Mexico tweeted out a tribute to her long career with the Navy.

As a result of her bravery, Frida has saved 52 people from various natural disasters in Mexico, Honduras, Ecuador and Haiti. And she’s only six years old!

Even the popular WeRateDogs account posted a picture of this little pup with a tribute of its own.

Frida has even inspired a host of online creators to produce their own fan art. If all this enthusiasm continues, Frida is likely to become a bonafide folk hero.

So far, Frida’s story has spread around the world and has touched the lives of thousands.

Above all, stories like these show that whenever there is a natural disaster, it’s not only people who are affected. The environment and the animals in it also have to deal with the same things we’re going through—and in some cases, they even help us out more than we can help them.


Frida’s courage is a reminder of the interconnectedness that all of us share. It is tragic when people lose their lives in disasters like the quake in Mexico City. Still, out of these occasions come many examples of bravery and heroism.

Thanks for everything you do, Frida!

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