Frenchie Believes The Police Horse Is A “Huge Dog” And Begs Him To Play

A man was walking back to his office on Wall Street after lunch when he saw a huge crowd gathered around the area’s patrolling police horses.

He instinctively found himself pushing through the crowd to quell his curiosity, and was surprised to see a tiny French Bulldog frolicking around one of NYPD’s horses!

Apparently, the French Bulldog was on his walk when he got fascinated by the sight of the horses.

He got over-excited thinking that they were “huge dogs”, and immediately bolted off to befriend one of the horses!

The dog’s owner didn’t let the dog cross the patrol barrier, but the poor dog kept tugging at the horse as he begged him to play.

In this video, we see the horse’s heartwarming gesture toward the friendly French Bulldog. The horse is highly trained to remain stoic and focused during distracting or chaotic situations.

But after being conflicted for a while, the horse understands that the wee dog means no harm and just wants to be friends.

The horse bends his head down from over the barricades and lets the dog interact with him.

The dog loses his mind as he leaps in joy with his bedazzled eyes and kisses the horse multiple times!

How sweet! No wonder the entire street came to a standstill to witness this rare delight!

Click the video below to watch the dog befriending the gentle police horse with his enthusiasm!

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