French Bulldog Lovingly Fosters Wild Boar Piglets

Baby the French bulldog is a new foster mum to an unusual bunch of babies – six orphaned wild boar piglets near Berlin.

Lehnitz Animal Sanctuary (Wildtierrettung Vom Gnadenhof Lehnitz) takes in abandoned animals in need of care. They were called and asked if we could shelter the six boar piglets found half-frozen and starving when they were found in the middle of winter. Sadly, their mother was probably shot illegally by hunters.

The shelter was able to give the piglets refuge because they were found just outside the forest (it’s illegal to take wild animals from the forest). Baby, who is 8-years-old, took to caring for the little animals as soon as they arrived. “It was love at first sight,” said Norbert Damm, who works at the sanctuary. She’s been a surrogate parent to abandoned bunnies, kittens and a raccoon.

The bulldog plays and cuddles with the piglets named Spots, Nesti, Diva, Borstel, Ernie and Bert. The babies huddle around her at nap time and will stay with her for a few months before being released back into the wild.

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