Nine-Year-Old Dog Saved From Puppy Mill Happy To Finally Have His Own Bed

Freddie the Chihuahua had spent all nine years of his life surrounded by the same four walls of a cramped wire cage at a puppy mill. He was only used for breeding and never knew what it was truly like to be a dog. But then National Mill Dog Rescue saved the day when they raided the puppy mill taking in Freddie and 34 other dogs.

Freddie was shy and unsure of everything at first but soon came around. He started cuddling and kissing his rescuers as if he just figured out what was going on.

Then the Chihuahua was given his first bed, a symbolic moment to signify the start of a brand new life. The little dog really let his personality shine through as he cuddled into his very own comfy spot. 🙂

Freddie took one look at it with his little tail wagging while tucked between his legs and hopped right in!

The toothless dog adorably nibbled at the bed before finally settling in.

The next step in Freddie’s life is to find a forever home, and it looks as if that’s going to happen soon! The rescue shared the video of the Chihuahua in his bed, and it set off a chain reaction of people applying to adopt him. 🙂

“Freddie, the 9-year-old Chihuahua who has won so many hearts, has an adoption pending!!!” National Mill Dog Rescue wrote on their Facebook page.

GREAT NEWS!!!Freddie, the 9-year-old Chihuahua who has won so many hearts, has an adoption pending!!!

Posted by National Mill Dog Rescue on Thursday, May 17, 2018

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h/t The Dodo

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