Dog Dad Wants Others To Learn From Mistake That Cost New Puppy His Life

A man from Wheat Ridge, Colorado is mourning the loss of a puppy he purchased for his family. Richard Davis spent $2,000 for a Pug puppy he found through an ad on Craigslist.

He told reporters he and his family had fun for about seven days, but then things took a sudden turn for the worst. The puppy, whom they named Frank, became very sick.

Source: FOX31 Denver/Youtube

At the veterinarian’s office, Frank was diagnosed with parvovirus, which is highly contagious and often fatal. By the time Frank was diagnosed, it was too late.

“I wish I would have done my homework a little more,” Davis shared.

He tried contacting the seller on Craigslist through text and phone calls but he did not receive a reply. Now, he is warning other potential pet parents so they don’t experience the same heartache.

Source: FOX31 Denver/Youtube

“They went ghost on us. Then wouldn’t answer no phone calls, no text messages,” stated Davis. “I just don’t want no one to get taken advantage of and have to go through that.”

Sadly, the records given to him by the seller were fake, including the shots.

Source: FOX31 Denver/Youtube

Davis filed a complaint with the police department in Greenwood Village, where he purchased the puppy through the Craiglist user.

More about this story can be seen by pressing play on the video below. Our condolences go out to the Davis family on their heartbreaking loss.

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