Puppies On A Mountain Top Can’t Find Their Mom Who’s Clinging To The Ledge

Emma of Tenerife Horse Rescue and animal sanctuary was part of the team to find and save a dog family living on a mountain top. There was word of a starving dog out there, but no one knew she had puppies with her.

They gathered the pups, but the hardest part was tracking down and capturing the mama…

Finally, she was spotted hanging on to this tiny little ledge. She was scared so they had to make a swift move, and it paid off!

The poor dog was skin and bones as she’d given everything to her little ones, and food was a good icebreaker and bonding tool for them.

Foxy started to trust her rescuers, and the first time she allowed Emma to pet her was huge stepping stone!

The puppies were easy to adopt out, but Mama ended up being a foster fail. 😉

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