Homeowner Catches Foxes On Trampoline And It Brings Her To Tears Of Laughter

Ever wonder how foxes spend their free time? We don’t know about the rest of them, but this pair, spotted by Jesse, a resident of Colorado, like to get some trampoline time to de-stress from their busy days of being sly.

Jesse had been watching the family of foxes who had moved into her backyard for many days, but she had never seen them pull anything like this before! She immediately reaches for her camera to capture the hilarious scene.

The foxes had discovered the large trampoline in her backyard and decide to try it out for themselves. The playful critters aren’t experienced in the art of trampoline jumping, but that doesn’t stop them from trying! Their acrobatic flips and jumps can bring a smile to any one’s face!

Watch these foxes having the time of their lives below! …and SHARE this with your friends and family to spread a smile! 🙂

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