Fox Pup Shrieked For Help, They Assume Mom’s Coming Back But They’re Wrong

A baby fox was all on his own dying in the cold. He had become an orphan but because passersby assumed his mother was nearby, no one helped him.

By the time a kind woman came along, he was crying and shivering. His sheer desperation was all he could focus on.

Source: Rescue Animals/YouTube

Despite his size, and age, and all the fear he was feeling, he approached the woman and asked her for help. The fox pup used all the energy he had left to follow the woman.

He kept stepping on her boots, pawing at her, so she would realize that she was his only hope. The woman had no choice. It was a life or death situation.

Source: Rescue Animals/YouTube

She removed her sweater from her backpack and wrapped him up. This would keep him warm until she was able to bring him home. When he continued to shiver, she wrapped him tighter.

She swaddled the pup like a newborn baby and he miraculously fell asleep. The poor thing must have been exhausted. To feel her loving arms was all he needed to settle down.

Source: Rescue Animals/YouTube

The woman made as many phone calls as she could to vet clinics and sanctuaries but no one was willing to take the fox. She knew she had no choice but to read up on how to care for him and adopt him as her own.

Because he was so young, she had to handle him just as she would a newborn puppy. She showed him how to drink water and eat food.

Source: Rescue Animals/YouTube

It was then time to give the fox pup a bath. The poor baby was covered in fleas. Normally his mother would have kept him clean and pick the fleas off of him but again, he was on his own.

The rescuer used warm water and was extra gentle with the little baby. She then used special shampoo to get rid of his fleas.

Source: Rescue Animals/YouTube

Day by day the fox grew and flourished. But because he became so used to his rescuer, there was no other choice but for the woman to adopt him.

She couldn’t part with him and there was no way he could be released back into the wild. He was totally dependent on his new mom.

Source: Rescue Animals/YouTube

The pup even bonded with the family dog and they became the best of friends!

While it is always recommended to reach out to professionals when you see a fox pup or any wild animal in distress, sometimes these things happen.

But bear in mind, wild animals do belong in the wild. To see the fox’s rescue and how he grows up, check out the heartwarming video below!

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