Firemen Rescued Puppies In A Storm Drain, Only To Discover They’re Not Actually “Puppies”

Firemen across America often get calls about animals that need to be rescued. Whether it’s a cat stuck in a tree, or a puppy stuck in a drain, these brave men make no qualms about rescuing these innocent creatures.

One such incident happened in Colorado Springs, where firemen rescued a litter of pups, only to later discover they weren’t “dog” puppies at all!

Source: YouTube/CBS Denver

When this fire department got an urgent call about a litter of newly-born pups abandoned in a storm drain, Brian Vaughan and his team of firefighters rushed to the scene.

The “pups” looked safe and the firemen carefully examined and retrieved each and every one of the pups from the drain, making a count of their number along the way.

They then took the pups to the Humane Society located in the Pikes Peak Region to have them checked out and find out what breed they were.

To the firemen’s surprise, these were not black Labrador pups like they had assumed. Turns out they were Red Fox pups! These fox pups look very similar to dog pups and can easily confuse the untrained eye.

Source: Wikipedia

The firemen put the fox pups back in the drain where they found them, so that the mother fox can come back and take care of her babies.

If the fox mom fails to return, then the pups will be taken to a licensed rehabilitation facility for animals.

So remember folks, next time you see puppies in the wild, they may not actually be what they seem! Click the video below to watch this amazing story.

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