Family Adopts Foster Dog Even When Vet Cautioned That He’s Mentally Challenged

Dogs have their own unique personalities, and Stanley’s was apparent right from the beginning. This was a little different though, and the quirks were alarming.

Mom and Dad adopted him but soon started to worry about their dog. The Golden Retriever was friendly and loving and physically healthy, but there was clearly more to his story.

Mom and Dad picked up Stanley from Golden Retriever Rescue of Mid-Florida knowing he was a little different. When they got him from his foster home, he was sleeping on the table.

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But they fell in love with Stanley despite his quirks and took him home. The dog got along with the kids and pets right away.

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But the parents would become concerned about their new dog. They had success in the past training dogs, but Stanley was different. They worried he may hurt himself climbing onto counters and tables.

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Stanley wasn’t deaf, but he never responded to his name being called. Two trainers were hired but eventually quit on him. And the one suggested the dog may be mentally challenged. . .    >> Click To Continue Reading This Story. . .

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