Entitled Mom Flips Out When Her Daughter Is Told ‘No’ To Petting Service Dog

Christmas is a busy time of year, especially in hectic shopping malls. When one Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania mom went out shopping recently with her daughter, she decided to give a service dog team a hard time. Fortunately, the entire ordeal was captured on video and is being shared on social media.

Source: YouTube

The pushy mom wanted her young daughter to pet a service dog. When the woman asked if her daughter could pet the dog, she was told ‘no’ by the dog’s handler. The woman took offense to this and that’s when things went awry.

Entitled mom tells the service dog’s owner, “Number one, you should have a sign.” The handler/owner replies, “There are four signs on my leash alone!”

Source: YouTube

This doesn’t satisfy the entitled mom, so she continues to cause a scene. Her innocent daughter is dangling from her arms, and if you look close enough, even the sweet dog tries to sniff towards the child.

The woman has issues with being recorded and says she will call the cops and her lawyer. The entire fiasco goes on until the woman finally leaves the mall with her companion. Hey lady, no means no, and why do some people just not ‘get it?’ Watch the entire ordeal in the video below.

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