Man Rescues Old And Abused Dog No One Else Wanted

Meet Engelbert and his unusual family! Engelbert’s adoption story is quite wonderful and so is the home he ended up in. Engelbert was languishing in a shelter when his dad, Steve, first saw him. Steve was at the shelter to get another dog, but that dog had already adopted so he went around the facility again and that’s when he spotted Engelbert.

Engelbert had a long list of health problems, but Steve knew that if he didn’t take him, no one else would.

“If you don’t know his story, he was abused by his previous owner and taken by the shelter,” Steve writes of Engelbert. “He had been kept as an outside dog, through the winter. He had frostbite on both ears which had to be trimmed off and he has neurological issues. His back legs don’t work properly, but he’s an unbelievably strong little dog. The love this dog gives is intense. I will catch him just staring at me like he can’t believe his good fortune. I feel the same.”

Engelbert arrived at his new home and was welcomed into the family of 6 dogs, one pig, cat, rabbit and other animals. Plus one human.

All of Steve’s animals are rescues and as you will see from the following photos, all are adorably loving and get along with one another.

Engelbert’s dad smiles to himself when people ask him why he’s not married. He comments, “I should just show them this picture,” he comments. Mind you, two of the dogs are not his. He was dog sitting at the time. Still…that’s quite the pack!

Engelbert is only 5 pounds but is the biggest personality in the house.

This is an old pic but I had to post one of Englebert because from Sunday at noon my life has been in a agonizing hold when this little guy went missing. After I came home from church he was gone. The next 36 hours my friends and neighbors and I spent canvassing the neighborhood, putting up reward posters, and handing out flyers and posting to Facebook. I visited the local shelters and hired the Amber alert for pets and a service that sends out 1000 postcards with his picture to residents in my area and prayed, lots of praying. Last night it paid off and I got a call from someone that had him. I can't put into words my joy and relief. He's only 5 lbs but the biggest personality in this house. Welcome home Englebert. Thank you everyone that helped. #nevergiveup

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This is how Englebert likes to be carried.

Isn’t Engelbert adorable? As Steve says, you can find an Englebert of your own waiting for you at your local shelter.

One of Engelbert’s friends is Phyllis. Phyllis has been blind for a very long time. “But she definitely sees that she is loved.”

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140 thoughts on “Man Rescues Old And Abused Dog No One Else Wanted


  2. Wow, first I have to say BLESS YOU sir for taking in this sweet Engel Bert and all your pups. You are quite a man. These beautiful creatures are very lucky to have you, as you are to have all this love from them. You are a person I would be honored to know.

  3. The Chi we adopted a month ago is 15yo, deaf and toothless. The tooth removal was so bad that she is going to our vet for surgery to repair the damage by the vet that did it. She gets along great with her other 5 lb sister and is precious

  4. I take that little chiwawa he is so cute how old is he I don’t have a car can you guys bring him here or you guys want me to come and get it is it free or what I have to pay it okay just text me on Facebook ok

  5. So glad he takes care of so many animals. I know he must be a good man, long time ago,my MOm told me if a MAN don’t like animals and kids, don’t you like him.I hope he is getting some help in feeding themand making sure they get medical ck-ups, but he took them all in, so I am sure he knows what he is doing.GOD bless him.

  6. What a lovely man I would marry him in a heart beat why wasn’t someone like him around when I was young lol just h wish there were more people around like the man thank for your kindness to all those lovely dogs and other little friends

  7. I find animal lovers so very cynical about people. He’s a wonderful guy but who’s to say some homeless dogs, like people, become homeless through tragedies and not always abuse. People die, get sick, are made homeless etc. Be as kind to humans and you will get the same back

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