Cat’s Rare Condition Has Her Changing Colors Right Before Owner’s Eyes

Elli the cat was born in March 2016. She was rescued with her sibling from a dirty farm in Germany and adopted by a woman named Nichole Bohm.

Both of the cats were ‘tuxedo’ cats, because of their black and white coloring.


But Elli’s tuxedo did not stay for long.

In April 2017, she began to develop white spots on her fur.


As time went on, these white spots began to spread. Her dark black fur faded to white on both her body and her face.

By October 2017, she was equal parts black and white, but the colors were completely mixed together in a beautiful pattern.


By October the following year, Elli had little to no black fur left!

Today, she is mostly white with some black lines on her face, black on her ears, and a little bit of black on her back.


The reason this has happened to Elli is because she has vitiligo, a long-term skin condition characterized by patches of the skin losing their pigment. While this happens to human’s skin, it can also happen to animal’s fur.


Luckily, this doesn’t cause any health issues, and while uncommon, it’s actually very unique and beautiful!

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